Our Story

Photo Credit: Tamara Torti


Spot On Braiding Wax is named for my polo pony turned dressage pony’s show name: Spot On. 

Spot has always been head shy with a big dislike for sprays around her head and neck which made it difficult to braid her for shows with the available spray braiding products on the market. Showing is already stressful enough without having to wrangle an angry, opinionated mare so I decided to look for a better way. 

I did some research and could not find any other braiding products so I decided to try to create my own product specifically tailored for horses and braiding.

After several months of testing, over 10 different recipe iterations, and feedback from many testers, I finally honed down the recipe to the product that is now available as Spot On Braiding Wax. 

I hope you enjoy using our product and that your braids are show perfect every time!